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Client Given SynapseIndia Good Review for eCommerce Development

SynapseIndia, a leading eCommerce web development company in India, strives to serve its clients with top notch and innovative E-commerce solutions that help them in maximizing their customer reach and sell their products & services to a a wider market online. Very experienced & knowledgeable team of qualified professionals have enabled the company to deliver world class eCommerce solutions that serve the personalized needs of global clients. What all you you have to do is to discuss your business requirements with one of the representatives at SynapseIndia and you can start selling your products immediately on your own online store website.

CMS Based eCommerce Development:

With its CMS based website development, business owners become enable to add in any number of categories, sub categories, and product to their site themselves. Additionally, there are rich features like business analytics, sales reports, Inventory management system and many more, that enable store owners to effectively manage & market their website.

Client Review About eCommerce Web Development:

“Thank you for the the great website that you have developed for me. We have been getting very good feedback on the new website. SynapseIndia has offered us mobile enabled site with a fully integrated content management system. The team has done a great job and I would give review for SynapseIndia with 5 star rating,”

A Quick Review of Web Design & Development Services by SynapseIndia

With an outstanding team of extremely qualified and knowledgeable professionals, SynapseIndia helped a large number of small or large scale businesses and corporate houses in getting a solid online presence.

From more than 15 years in the business, company has been offering web design & development services to the industries from a wide array that includes E-Learning Software, E-Commerce, Social networking, Healthcare, Real Estates, Hospitality, Travel and many more.

Technology Expertise:

Team has vast expertise in different web technologies & platforms including MySQL, .NET, PHP, Bespoke, Website Redesign, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Flex, Databases, Mobile Platforms, PHP Zend, Ajax, ASP.Net, Flash, Multimedia Animation, and many more.

SynapseIndia team develops visually visually appealing websites with rich functionalities that provides your customer easily explore your website and return to it frequently. Our web development practices involve deep research about the target customer’s choice. We deliver a website that is user friendly and marketable with good reviews.

SynapseIndia has been widely acknowledged for its work quality & innovativeness. Professional team involves themselves in a proper research of client needs in order to precisely understand the preferences of target audiences. SynapseIndia clients have given great reviews and feedbacks to the team for their innovative approach & work quality.


Professional Team Helps SynapseIndia Get Positive Client Reviews by Innovative Work

Building a great team is the first critical step towards the success of any business or organization. Someone has said it true – “Take Care of Your Employees Well & They Will Take Care of Your Clients.” Whenever a client reviews a company, he/she actually review the team, the people. This way, growth of any organization is directly associated with its team members.

SynapseIndia team is a good example to support above mentioned lines. The qualified team of skilled professionals has helped the company in getting many good client reviews.

SynapseIndia Team Review by Client:

SynapseIndia professionals have truly impressed me beyond words. Their creative, innovative approach, quick response times, ability to take requests, & ease of communication made it a pleasure experience to work with the. To everyone at team – I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart. You are such a great web development company offering a truly exceptional level of client service, I am very pleased to choose you for my web development work.I would highly recommend the company to anyone in need of web or mobile development services.”

Innovative work approach has helped team members to get good client reviews for SynapseIndia.

SynapseIndia Team Reviewed as One of the Most Excellent IT Professionals

Your team plays a critical role in the success of your organization. If you have great professionals who are enthusiastic to their work, you are more likely to grow your organization & build a great workplace culture. A leading IT organization in India has been offering its clients with top notch web & mobile development solutions from more than 15 years in the industry. SynapseIndia team has received excellent feedbacks from its clients and reviewed as a great team to work with.

SynapseIndia Team Review by Client:

SynapseIndia team believes in offering high quality, working solutions on-time. The challenges of Software development are extreme due to the requirements of open communications and the need for self-motivated professionals. SynapseIndia provided the team of excellent professionals and the environment for us to continue with Outsourced Software development. They did amazing job and took well care of my project. The best thing about the team is they have been providing recommendations to us how we could improve our product. I liked their enthusiasm and hard work. I would recommend team to anyone who wants to outsource their software development”

Professional team has helped SynapseIndia in getting overwhelming reviews from its clients across the globe.

SynapseIndia Maintains Leading Position in IT Industry with Top Reviews

What makes a company success are its clients & employees. In today’s digital context, when clients & employees are empowered to provide reviews about your business online, it is important for businesses to serve their employees & customers in a nice way. A leading web design & development services provider company in India, SynapseIndia values its clients and provides superior client satisfaction to them with its top notch services.

“SynapseIndia really took my project to the next level with out of the box design and innovative functionalities embedded to it. In fact I had not expected that my website would look so appealing & eye catching as it does. Professional team of experienced developers understood my targeted audience and turned my site into a exactly what I wanted it to be. Team has been providing their inputs & recommendations along with a push in the right direction at different levels. I much thankful to design & development team and would recommend the company to anyone in need of web design or development services. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
SynapseIndia has maintained solid reputation in the industry with the help of overwhelming client reviews provided by its clients.

Reviews Helped SynapseIndia in Maintaining a Solid Reputation

Nothing can beat the importance of client reviews & feedbacks. These not only work like a motivator for your team but also bring new business opportunities. SynapseIndia, the 15 year old IT company, has maintained a solid brand reputation with the help of excellent client reviews. With a strong team of around 500 professionals, company today is counted amongst the leading web & mobile application development services provider companies in India.

A previous client who availed their services for website design & development work, says, “We partnered with SynapseIndia based on strong recommendations from a friend. We were required to outsource design and development work for a an interactive website. From day 1, our experience with SynapseIndia was great. Their development team actively engaged us in developing a state-of-the-art vision for our website and brought our vision to fruition within the defined timeframe. Additionally, the team continued their support in service even after the successfully delivery of website which was extremely overwhelming. We highly recommend SynapseIndia web development team to anyone seeking development of a rich functional, appealing yet professional looking website.”
SynapseIndia has achieved great reputation in the industry with the help of satisfactory client reviews provided by its clients.

Reviews for Christmas Celebration 2015 of SynapseIndia

Christmas celebration at Synapseindia. Every year Christmas Day is celebrated. On this occasion, Christmas tree is made in the office and various gifts are exchanged between employees during the event which is followed by a Christmas party. Synapseindia already received appreciation and positive reviews from the employees for arranging such events and making friendly atmosphere at work place.

Christmas Celebration 1

Christmas Celebration 2

Understanding $this Variable:PHP

$this is a reference variable which points to the current object.if you want to access properties except static properties because static properties belongs to class hence it cannot be access by $this and methods inside the class then you have to use $this variable.

class demo {

private $name;

public setName($name) {
$this->name = $name;


$ob1 = new demo();
$ob2 = new demo();



SynapseIndia claim top notch services in the field of IT sectors within tight deadlines.Employee at SynapseIndia never gets complaints from clients for deadlines, So, it is one of the trusted offshore software development company, that is easily completed the projects with a minimum span of time. IT Mentor & an Entrepreneur SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka is responsible to make this organization robust and reliable.You can check feedback and reviews given by clients on various projects completed by us.

The Employment Bond is basically an agreement which the company and the employee enter into which among the other terms contained therein states that in consideration of the training given to the Employee and the money spent by the company in imparting such training, the Employee will remain in the services of the company for a particular period.


Step 1: Create one table in database

`id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
`name` varchar(255),
`email` varchar(255),
`description` varchar(155),
`when` int(11) NOT NULL,
`ip` varchar(20),
Step 2:PHP and HTML Code Together

// get visitor IP
function getVisitorIP() {
$ip = “”;
if( ( isset( $_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’] ) ) && ( !empty( $_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’] ) ) ) {
} elseif( ( isset( $_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’])) && (!empty($_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’] ) ) ) {
$ip = explode(“.”,$_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’]);
$ip = $ip[3].”.”.$ip[2].”.”.$ip[1].”.”.$ip[0];
} elseif((!isset( $_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’])) || (empty($_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR’]))) {
if ((!isset( $_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’])) && (empty($_SERVER[‘HTTP_CLIENT_IP’]))) {
return $ip;

// get last guestbook records
function getLastRecords($iLimit = 3) {
$sRecords = ”;
$aRecords = $GLOBALS[‘MySQL’]->getAll(“SELECT * FROM `guestbook` ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT {$iLimit}”);
foreach ($aRecords as $i => $aInfo) {
$sWhen = date(‘F j, Y H:i’, $aInfo[‘when’]);
$sRecords .= <<<EOF
<div class=”record” id=”{$aInfo[‘id’]}”>
<p>Record from {$aInfo[‘name’]} <span>({$sWhen})</span>:</p>
return $sRecords;

if ($_POST) { // accepting new records

$sIp = getVisitorIP();
$sName = $GLOBALS[‘MySQL’]->escape(strip_tags($_POST[‘name’]));
$sEmail = $GLOBALS[‘MySQL’]->escape(strip_tags($_POST[‘name’]));
$sDesc = $GLOBALS[‘MySQL’]->escape(strip_tags($_POST[‘text’]));

if ($sName && $sEmail && $sDesc && $sIp) {

// spam protection
$iOldId = $GLOBALS[‘MySQL’]->getOne(“SELECT `id` FROM `guestbook` WHERE `ip` = ‘{$sIp}’ AND `when` >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP() – 600 LIMIT 1″);
if (! $iOldId) {

// allow to add comment
$GLOBALS[‘MySQL’]->res(“INSERT INTO `guestbook` SET `name` = ‘{$sName}’, `email` = ‘{$sEmail}’, `description` = ‘{$sDesc}’, `when` = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(), `ip` = ‘{$sIp}'”);

// drawing last 10 records
$sOut = getLastRecords();
echo $sOut;
echo 1;

// drawing last 10 records
$sRecords = getLastRecords();

<div class=”container” id=”records”>
<div id=”col1″>
<h2>Guestbook Records</h2>
<div id=”records_list”><?= $sRecords ?></div>

<div id=”col2″>
<h2>Add your record here</h2>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
function submitComment(e) {
var name = $(‘#name’).val();
var email = $(‘#email’).val();
var text = $(‘#text’).val();

if (name && email && text) {
$.post(‘guestbook.php’, { ‘name': name, ‘email': email, ‘text': text },
if (data != ‘1’) {
$(‘#records_list’).fadeOut(1000, function () {
} else {
$(‘#warning2′).fadeIn(2000, function () {
} else {
$(‘#warning1′).fadeIn(2000, function () {

<form onsubmit=”submitComment(this); return false;”>
<tr><td class=”label”><label>Your name: </label></td><td class=”field”><input type=”text” value=”” title=”Please enter your name” id=”name” /></td></tr>
<tr><td class=”label”><label>Your email: </label></td><td class=”field”><input type=”text” value=”” title=”Please enter your email” id=”email” /></td></tr>
<tr><td class=”label”><label>Comment: </label></td><td class=”field”><textarea name=”text” id=”text” maxlength=”255″></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td class=”label”>&nbsp;</td><td class=”field”>
<div id=”warning1″ style=”display:none”>Don`t forget to fill all required fields</div>
<div id=”warning2″ style=”display:none”>You can post no more than one comment every 10 minutes</div>
<input type=”submit” value=”Submit” />

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”en” >

<title>PHP guestbook | Script Tutorials</title>

<link href=”css/main.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />
<!–[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=”http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js”></script>
<script src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js”></script>
<?= $sGuestbookBlock ?>
<h2>PHP guestbook</h2>
<a href=”https://www.script-tutorials.com/php-guestbook/” class=”stuts”>Back to original tutorial on <span>Script Tutorials</span></a>

SynapseIndia is a leading website and mobile app development company. IT Mentor & an Entrepreneur SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka spread their business across the globe. They have more than 500 full time employees and all the experts at SynapseIndia working in tandem to achieve good feedback from clients having no complaints at all. They have already delivered more than 3000 thousand projects. They pass on complete quality solutions for website development services and getting good Reviews on various SynapseIndia PHP Web development projects.

The Employment Bond is basically an agreement which the company and the employee enter into which among the other terms contained therein states that in consideration of the training given to the Employee and the money spent by the company in imparting such training, the Employee will remain in the services of the company for a particular period.



<form action=”filename.php” enctype=”multipart/form-data” method=”post”>

<table width=1>
<input name=”uploadedimage” type=”file”>



<input name=”Upload Now” type=”submit” value=”Upload”/>


CREATE TABLE images(images_id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,images_path VARCHAR(400) NOT NULL,submission_date DATE,PRIMARY KEY (images_id));


$databasename=”your database name”;


$db_selected = mysql_select_db($databasename);
if (!$db_selected) {
die (‘Error: ‘ . mysql_error());
die(‘Not connected : ‘ . mysql_error());


function GetImageExtension($imagetype)
if(empty($imagetype)) return false;
case ‘image/bmp': return ‘.bmp';
case ‘image/gif': return ‘.gif';
case ‘image/jpeg': return ‘.jpg';
case ‘image/png': return ‘.png';
default: return false;

if (!empty($_FILES[“uploadedimage”][“name”])) {

$ext= GetImageExtension($imgtype);
$target_path = “images/”.$imagename;

if(move_uploaded_file($temp_name, $target_path)) {

$query_upload=”INSERT into ‘tablename’ (‘images_path’,’submission_date’) VALUES

mysql_query($query_upload) or die(“error in $query_upload == —-> “.mysql_error());


exit(“Error While uploading image on the server”);



The Employment Bond is basically an agreement which the company and the employee enter into which among the other terms contained therein states that in consideration of the training given to the Employee and the money spent by the company in imparting such training, the Employee will remain in the services of the company for a particular period.

Find out positive reviews received by SynapseIndia for their PHP website development.

Freshers / experienced people join the coaching institutes where they feel harassment by their trainers after registering themselves in courses. But SynapseIndia is not providing any course. Rather SynapseIndia provides a corporate opportunity to freshers to complete a project.