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Zend PHP framework set for Web development

The Zend Framework, sponsored by Zend Technologies, is a comprehensive framework loaded with features. Currently at Version 1.11.2, it requires PHP 5.2.4 or later and makes full use of PHP 5’s object-oriented features.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka Says Zend Technologies also produces the Zend Server PHP application server. And while Zend Server is not required for Zend Framework, running Zend Framework applications on the Zend Server provides substantial benefits. First, Zend Framework provides a Zend_Log writer that writes to the Zend Server’s monitor API, allowing you to use the Server’s log introspection feature for drilling into application issues. Also, the Framework includes a Zend Server-specific Zend_Cache back end for caching resource-intensive operations, such as database results, Web service calls, complex templates, and more.

While Zend Framework supports the MVC (model view controller) design pattern, and most of the tutorials and examples employ that pattern, Zend does not lock you into its use. You can use MVC “pieces” instead. It’s possible (though not necessarily optimal) to create a Zend Framework project using only view components. In fact, the Zend Framework’s construction is modular enough that some PHP frameworks suggest employing its components for features they do not support directly.

Zend Framework uses the “front controller” pattern to manage responses to Web requests. (Most of the other frameworks do the same.) This means that all requests pass through a single index.php file, which acts as a kind of central switching system, routing each request to the responsible controller class. This not only simplifies request handling, but also ensures that the environment is properly initialized before the application performs any actions.

“As we see PHP become more mainstream it’s vital for us to support the technology in the most reliable and high-performance manner. Combined with Zend’s performance suite, we can offer our customers a compelling story,” said Yvette Montiel, strategic marketing manager for Web services at Sun. SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for their Flex projects.

Essential Macro Optimizations to Improve PHP Performance

This blog post by SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka describes two macro-optimizations for PHP applications that are essential to consider before investigating other possible optimizations.

1. Upgrade PHP to a recent version

Are you still using older versions of PHP? You are missing a lot of improvements that have been made to the Zend Engine. Every minor version in the PHP 5 lifecycle had some improvements compared to the previous versions.Granted, updating to new PHP versions is not always easy if you are working with legacy code.  SynapseIndia tested various cases of recent version update of PHP for applications and found that if your application is suffering from performance problems then updating is something you should look into.Another reason to upgrade to recent PHP versions is the reduced memory consumption. PHP 5.6 uses around 50% less memory than 5.3 and you can handle many more requests at the same time without exhausting server memory.

2. Close Session for Writes

Careful with sessions in PHP: By default only one request can execute synchronously per session at the same time. Other requests for the same session will wait inside the session_start() call until the previous requests are finished. SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for their various PHP framework projects. This problem becomes visible to the user when executing a lot of ajax requests on the same page, loading perfectly one after another and not in parallel.

Session locks exist, because otherwise lost-updates or corruption could happen when two requests write to the same session at the same time.What you need to do to fix this problem is explicitly close the session for writes. The PHP function session_write_close(); releases the lock and requests with the same session can be executed concurrently. One can also find the latest Synapseindia Recruitment plan for various position of PHP web developers.

New Era of Custom Software Development Because Every Organization has its Unique Identity

There is various point of interest of having a customized software development contrasted with the old standardized development procedures that was the best solution previously. The development and advancement of the IT world has benefited software aspect of every business. Associations can now build a solution that caters to their particular hierarchical needs and satisfy every one of their necessities for a smooth and quick progress.

The business sector rivalry is troublesome and to survive is harder than to contend. In such circumstances, when the business sector situation is at its saturation point, each association needs an aggressive edge over the rest. Customized software gives the business what it needs and gives solutions pertinent to the specific association utilizing it. An standardized software solution does not regard the uniqueness of each business and accordingly it just brings the entire business sector rivalry level down a couple indents additionally disables organization from understanding their maximum capacity. Each association has an alternate technique and an alternate methodology towards its objectives. The issue with a standard software development is that it is the same for all the associations; consequently there is a forcefully conformity of procedures, guidelines and techniques as per the standard software.

Custom software solution is the thing of the present and what’s to come. It gifts an association the capacity and opportunity to beat its competitors. It advances uniqueness and helps in conveying the product or service keeping in place its uniqueness. Custom software development groups comprehend the prerequisites of the organization and build a solution taking into account the needs and necessities of that specific association. SynapseIndia, a reputed IT outsourcing organization has custom software development teams make utilization of technologies like .Net, PHP, C++, Virtual C++, Java and VB.NET and so forth.

Offshore software development is the most ideal approach to profit by the skill and information of IT experts without needing to hire a web developer and hold a big team on your staff. You can focus on your core exercises while your offshore developer takes a shot at your development and helps in the advancement of the association. It is a modest and best strategy picked by the majority of the multinationals in the world today. The offshore developer has a group of IT experts who work out a solution for a specific association’s necessity and the association meanwhile can strategize its different exercises and focus on its principle objectives to survive and fight the business sector rivalry.

SynapseIndia is a 15 year old IT outsourcing organization in India and it is one of the best custom software solution providers. The company provides various services that include: website development, software development, mobile app development, eCommerce solutions and many more.To improve client services SynapseIndia designed a WordPress site for various clients suggested cases.

All the professionals at SynapseIndia do their work proficiently. Employee at SynapseIndia never gets complaints from clients for deadlines. The company arranged several outdoor activities that increase team bond among the employees. Besides organization has a pleasant work culture and employee benefit policies and therefore, SynapseIndia management never receives complaints for employee benefits.

Future of Mobile Application Development is Evolving for Good

The segment of mobile apps has seen a sea change in recent years and the field is as evolving as it can get. The advent of multi-platform synergy has created a equivalent workspace in different platforms and that is aiding third party vendors immensely. Not only scaled down versions of popular desktop applications finding a place in mobile media, there is an increasingly narrowing gap between cross platform user experience. This has catered to the growth of independent software firms who cater to the specific niches of mobile media. While Java is still when it comes to application development, the market share is garnered by other device specific platforms like Android SDK.

The latest trend in mobile application development though is showing strong signs of revival of java based applications. SynapseIndia mobile team presented cases of new version of iOS application development which states that Today’s apps are more efficient that even of enterprise software of 20 years ago, no wonder they cater to serious business nowadays. The prediction on application downloads is set at 76.9 million by 2015. SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for various Mobile app development on native platforms. This is quite a statement or assumption to make as the forecasters, IDC claimed that the number can be more. In this scenario the traditional contracts with third party vendors might not hold valid as mobile will be medium of acquiring applications. With clouds taking efficiency to enterprise level, the remote computing phenomenon is catching up rather aggressively.

Cross Platform Functionality: An Essential in Apps development:

Enterprises in recent times are making forays into intellectual mobile space. This not only means they are prone to developing their own enterprise solution; it also gives them more control over their digital data. In this context of mobile apps development for enterprise, the sheer count of content/fields makes app development a bit complicated at times. Often an enterprise-level mobile application development results in fragmentation problem. Employee receives great client feedback for SynapseIndia iphone app development project.

The success of an app that drives a mobile business lies with its coherence with evolution in network speed, data portability and business-level data utilization (especially in case of large, server-driven data analysis/processing).

These applications are aided by the fact that enterprise data will become more useful and accessible. Cloud based solutions will thus become absolutely a vital asset. This brings into purview another fact that cross platform functionality of modern apps is the key ingredient of finding the balance between scalability and user experience. Experts from SynapseIndia Reviews team believe that, the sector is going through an exciting transitional phase where the traditional approaches are getting translated to modern verticals.