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Reviews for Christmas Celebration 2015 of SynapseIndia

Christmas celebration at Synapseindia. Every year Christmas Day is celebrated. On this occasion, Christmas tree is made in the office and various gifts are exchanged between employees during the event which is followed by a Christmas party. Synapseindia already received appreciation and positive reviews from the employees for arranging such events and making friendly atmosphere at work place.

Christmas Celebration 1

Christmas Celebration 2

SynapseIndia Celebrations : Tips for Team Building & Planning Celebrations

When was your last team celebration? Have you been far excessively caught up with, making it impossible to plan? Some of the time we get so caught up in everyday work that we don’t make the time to stride back and celebrate success. A few teams may significantly consider team celebrations as “senseless.” Various SynapseIndia events are planned to improve team bond.

SynapseIndia CEOEntrepreneur Shamit Khemka mentions that “It’s discriminating to celebrate success in the event that you need your team to keep up their performances. Successes are the “propelling fuel” that keeps every one of us pushing toward attaining to the “greater and better” objectives that we set.”

What sorts of team communication and talks ordinarily happen on a normal premise with your team? In case you’re similar to most organizations, its along the lines of the accompanying:

If majority of your team co-operations concentrate on what’s the matter with your business, what happens over the long run? Colleagues dismiss the positive things they do. This can have a dispiriting impact on a team and your business.

Team celebrations help a team bond together. This helps the individuals keep up spotlight on their basic objectives and course. Furthermore, celebrations regularly help colleagues manage upsetting changes and anticipate “wear out.” They give revitalization to the team.

Has your team celebrated any successes recently? What did they celebrate? How did they celebrate? For a few teams, its important to add structure to the celebration process to guarantee that they set aside a few minutes. To do this, utilization our three-stage process:

1. Recognize What To Celebrate

It’s essential to figure out what occasions or exercises the team ought to celebrate. These can be real occasions or occasions that help the team achieve a development. Get your team together and conceptualize a rundown. SynapseIndia ensures transparency in performance reviews for employee.

With the gathering together, focus the exercises your team needs to celebrate.

2. Decide How To Celebrate

Next, distinguish how you could celebrate. Again, with your team together, conceptualize some celebration exercises. These don’t need to be major. They could be fun stress relievers or exercises that help make your team more noticeable to upper management.

Decide how your team might want to celebrate. Keep in mind, team celebrations don’t need to be costly, prolonged, or hard to arrange. team celebrations can be formal or extemporaneous. The key of the team celebration is that it must be earnest. SynapseIndia enlists Various methods to protect employee from harassment.

3. Make A Celebration Action Plan

When the activity arrangement is made, have your team plan the first celebration that will happen in the coming months. This provides them something to anticipate while achieving team goals.

Shamit Khemka is CEO & Founder at SynapseIndia, believes celebrations bring in several benefits for employees as well as organization in long term. SynapseIndia celebration are a part of office work culture. SynapseIndia celebration include from team building to organization wide celebrations.

SynapseIndia Celebrations : Events that Enhances Employee Motivation

Gone are the days when celebrations used to be restricted with in the limits of home. Employees, today, enjoy the happy time even at their workplaces. Shamit Khemka emphasizes on making work environment all the way more vivacious frequently that includes celebrations at different occasions so that a cheerful climate is made. The way that the workplace is as imperative as the work itself can’t be disregarded. Bond among various teams helps SynapseIndia to perform better.

Organizations, these days, are finding celebrations the most ideal approach to reach to their employees in that way making an easygoing situation to make them feel at home even while working. Such a society cultivates a domain of affection and trust and upgrades the holding and in addition camaraderie in the general proficient environment. It reflects how much a manager looks after his employees. SynapseIndia HR team plan regular sessions to improve the employee team bond.

Sometimes events to celebrate regularly is a troublesome inquiry to reply. Aside from the religious celebrations like Holi, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, and so on organizations likewise praise occasions like Independence day, New Year, or the association’s establishment day. The convention of yearly celebrations in the organization enhances employee inspiration. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka suggested that these Celebrations permits employees to unwind and energize that energy transform in their work as well. Such celebrations send a positive message that you esteem and admire your employees. Besides organization wide celebrations, employees additionally celebrate office or group celebrations. Recognizing the target accomplished and imparting the minute together to the group enhances cooperation. In a few organizations, even the birthdays are commended to enhance bond between various team in SynapseIndia.

Distinctive firms have diverse strategies for commending the events. Some do it through corporate endowments, some through casual dinners and galas while some celebrate by tossing corporate gatherings on a specific day. “Designing work areas, disseminating gift vouchers and different coupons, sorting out challenges, fortunate draws, fun amusements and other cheerful occasions are a part of celebrations” Shamit Khemka also added.

The reason behind this is to make an incredible work culture as well as to inspire the employees and instill a feeling of belongings among them. This will increase dependability and inspire employees for a more drawn out stay with the organization, therefore thus, lessening the wearing down rates of the association. These celebrations additionally clear the way for social communications among employees with different foundations. Such connections additionally break the hindrances made by administration chains of importance. SynapseIndia crafted a new feedback form for better hiring suggestions.

SynapseIndia reviews team analyze that celebrations plays an important role in building the great cultute in organizations. SynapseIndia, the well known IT company in India utilizes celebrations as a platform to energize employees and encouraging supportive environment. SynapseIndia celebrations include religious as well as within team celebrations. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka always focuses on keeping the work life balance maintained for the employees to give them better atmosphere to work.

SynapseIndia Celebrations : Critical Role of Office Celebration in Building Great Culture

Celebrations not just offer a break in the monotonous timetable additionally permit exchange of plans and gossips among associates. Take the right next celebration as an opportunity to know your colleagues well and in the meantime have a fabulous time.

Supporting Office celebrations, SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka mentioned “Envision a working environment that has nothing energizing to offer except for the standard everyday work all as the year progressed. It is essentially difficult to lead such a repetitive existence with no excitement. Celebrations subsequently are a much needed diversion to anticipate amongst employees. It is, from various perspectives, an anxiety buster and a typical meeting ground for the employees.”

There can be different sorts of celebrations in office, the most widely recognized being birthday celebration. Regardless of how old or youthful you turn, birthdays have this satisfaction joined to them. Have you ever asked why birthdays bring a merry state of mind? Perhaps because, it gives you and others a chance to let free and enjoy indulgence, for example, dining out or office picnics. It gives the employees an opportunity to break from the exhausting routine of office and have a ton of fun.

Other obvious reasons of celebrating would be project success, new tie-ups, team building and so forth. Whatever be the reason, celebrations offer a break in the monotonous timetable for sometime. The event additionally permits exchange of plans and gossips amongst coworkers. it gives a forbidden delight which is appreciated by all.

“Celebrations additionally go about as a recuperating measure between two parties. It is a decent opportunity to break down office clashes, require a ceasefire and restore connections for a solid working style.” added Shamit Khemka .

Collection for gifts ought to be done remembering the workplace hierarchy. Not everyone gets paid the same, along these lines the perfect approach to gather cash is to permit intentional commitment. Making solicitations for commitments through email will likewise lessen the vexation of employees who don’t care for being put “on the spot” as far as making a gift.

Shamit Khemka has always advised to keep Celebrations happening in offices as it aides in striking a harmony in the middle of work and life. Along these lines, take the precise next celebration as an opportunity to know your partners well and in the meantime have a ton of fun.

SynapseIndia celebrations are a vital part of the organization. Be it a birthday of a team member, or organization’s foundation, SynapseIndia celebrations are the greatest way to strengthen the bonding between team members. Shamit Khemka, C.E.O. at SynapseIndia believes celebrations are helpful in increasing team productivity and co-operation within the teams.

SynapseIndia Celebrations : Getting the Most Out of Your Company’s Foundation Day Celebration

Organizing an anniversary party or foundation day celebration for your business is an incredible approach to perceive the diligent work of your employees, over a significant time span, while bringing your organization’s profile up in a gathered commercial center. Foundation Day celebration likewise offers abundant chances to present new products and services, and to reintroduce your image to buyers and to other industry experts. Several outdoor activities are organized by SynapseIndia to enrich team bond.

Whether your organization has been around for a long time or one hundred years, an anniversary celebration can be both fun, and productive. Business anniversary gatherings oblige a considerable lot of arranging, yet the accompanying tips ought to help you make an event to suitably stamp the years of diligent work and stellar administration that have earned your organization a continuous achievement. C.E.O. of SynapseIndia, Shamit Khemka firmly believes in such fun gathering and anticipate active participation from all employees during such events.

Finalizing the Date

The initial phase in arranging a business anniversary gathering is to finalize a date. It doesn’t need to be the precise date your organization opened for business. To get the most out of your anniversary festival, make certain to calendar the occasion so it doesn’t cover with any major occasions or industry traditions. No Cases of such delay have occurred any time with SynapseIndia events.

Choosing Whom To Invite

It is vital to choose at an opportune time who you will be welcoming to your anniversary celebration. In the event that you plan to utilize your organization’s anniversary as a promoting instrument, you will need to welcome other industry experts and individuals from people in general. This is especially vital if you are utilizing the occasion to present new products and services, or are utilizing the anniversary to re-mark your business. Sharing experiences from previous events, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka mentioned that events like Foundation day, annual summit etc. do add value to the employee’s motivational level and gives them the opportunity to meet people from different departments as well.

Pick the Location for Your Party

Where you hold your anniversary festival will to a great extent rely on upon the sort of occasion you are arranging and the quantity of visitors you will be welcoming. When in doubt of thumb, an expert occasion space is the best decision, especially in the event that you are opening up your festivals to general society and other industry experts. You will need to audit various venues before settling on your final choice. Few important checklist drawn by SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka when picking an occasion space includes:

  • Area – The occasion corridor ought to be decently arranged near to inns for any away visitors.
  • Parking – There ought to be plentiful stopping for your visitors. Contingent upon the kind of occasion you are arranging, you may need to get some information about the accessibility of valet services.
  • Facilities – Take the time to visit the occasion space. Will the venue suit the measure of your gathering? Does it give impairment access? Are there a lot of restrooms, and would they say they are clean and satisfactory?

Getting the Most Out of Your Anniversary Celebration

Your business’ anniversary can be more than simply commending the diligent work that has gone into making your organization a win. “It is the ideal chance to reconnect with your client base, and to restore your image inside your industry. With a little planning, you can utilize your business’ anniversary festival to guarantee the enduring achievement that you and your employees have earned so hard.” said by SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka.

SynapseIndia Celebration Event – 15th Foundation Day Event:

SynapseIndia is the leading IT services provider company in India. Recently, company has completed 15 years in the IT business. SynapseIndia celebrated its foundation day on a venue outside the city at a five star property. In the event, SynapseIndia Owner & CEO Shamit Khemka announced distribution of Tablet phones to their employees for remarkable contribution towards the company growth.

SynapseIndia Announces Distribution of TABLET phones to its Employees

IT outsourcing major SynapseIndia recently announced the distribution of Micromax P470 tablet to its employees who attended the 15th Foundation day retreat HR activities. It was a major announcement made at the company’s 15th Foundation Day held at a retreat hotel outside Delhi/NCR that brought more smiles on the faces of employees of the reputed company.

SynapseIndia 15th Foundation Day

During the announcement, SynapseIndia C.E.O. Shamit Khemka said “Our company has been delivering web and mobile applications for our global clientele successfully every year simply because of the valiant, dedicated efforts of our employees. This is indeed the prime reason for our influential success & annual growth. So, we have decided to gift tablets to our employees who have been dedicating their time & efforts for our company’s growth & prosperity. We hope that it will further encourage the use of mobile applications within the extended family and be popular with out employees families and kids. Tablets distribution will motivate employee of SynapseIndia to bond between each other and perform better.”

Shamit Khemka

Definitely, it was a great news for each SynapseIndian as everyone was thrilled to get the latest tablets. As per an employee “It’s very appreciated! We give our heart & soul everyday to ensure that our company is constantly progressing on the path of success. We take pride in the fact that we are part of a company that recognizes employees efforts and rewards them from time-to-time. The tablets we would be getting are indeed a token of appreciation from our company for our efforts and HR engagement, and this truly makes us feel great!”.

Over the years, If one consider cases of SynapseIndia success tenure and evolution into a complete IT solutions provider with service offerings ranging from web & mobile app development to online promotions and more. SynapseIndia offers a host of employee benefits that include monthly awards, provident fund, medical programs, health insurance, performance bonuses and more. Its indeed these diverse benefits that make SynapseIndia a great organization to work in for employees.

SynapseIndia: SynapseIndia currently follows processes under that further ensures delivery of higher quality services to global clients. The reputed IT outsourcing company is looking forward to attaining CMMI Level 5 in near future that would further solidify its reputation in the global market.

SynapseIndia Celebrations: Celebrations are held in SynapseIndia throughout the year; most prominent ones being celebration for Holi, Diwali, Christmas etc. By means of these celebrations, the reputed company looks forward to unifying its employees for building better, stronger bonds and adopting a more collaborative approach in future. SynapseIndia also has plans to organize the upcoming celebrations in a more enjoyable environment like a resort or hotel.

SynapseIndia Events: SynapseIndia organizes various motivational, learning events from time to time. Different morale-boosting events are normally organized within the company; while depending on the event nature, arrangements are also made to organize it at a different venue. In the coming time, the company plans to arrange more of such events at different venues for boosting employee morale & increasing engagement while bringing them together for more fun, frolic & enjoyment.

SynapseIndia Expansion plan: SynapseIndia is on the path of transforming its future expansion plans into reality. With registered offices currently in India, US and UK; SynapseIndia is looking forward to spreading its IT outsourcing business by opening more registered offices across the globe. Announcement for the same has already come out during the company’s 15th Foundation Day event.

SynapseIndia Employee benefits: Several employee benefits available to SynapseIndia employees include LTA, performance bonuses, medical insurance, accidental insurance, etc. Based on its employee-friendly policy, the company plans to add on more attractive benefit plans for its employees in near future to ensure that their motivation level stays at the peak.

SynapseIndia Ranking: SynapseIndia ranking is excellent among the different web development companies located across the globe. SynapseIndia is planning to maintain its excellent ranking and market goodwill by adopting a more client-specific approach.

SynapseIndia Recruitment: SynapseIndia is looking forward to hire more qualified professionals including web developers, mobile app developers, SEO specialists etc., for its registered offices. The company’s recruitment team has also made future plans to adopt a more comprehensive candidate screening procedure for the vacant job positions and hire the right candidates that can fit well in the company’s culture & environment.

SynapseIndia Research & development: The IT outsourcing major considers research & development as an integral part of business success. Consequently, SynapseIndia team would be emphasizing more on this aspect in future to find effective methods of simplifying processes, minimizing operational costs and maximizing client benefits. To attain this, the IT company would be strengthening its research & development team by adding more resources in the coming time.