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Zend Ships Windows

Version 2.0 of Zend Core is intended to provide a unified front for Windows by enabling developers to both build and then deploy their PHP applications on Windows platforms. Oftentimes, developers have written the applications on Windows but then ran them on Linux. With this new version, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that Zend’s PHP will run equally well on either Windows or Linux.

“We worked with Microsoft to address issues of performance, stability, interaction with Web servers, things like that,” de Visser said.

Applications can run on Windows 2000 servers now and on the upcoming “Longhorn” version of Windows when that is ready, said de Visser. In addition to Windows and Linux, Mac OS X deployments also are supported with Zend Core 2.0.

Zend Core 2.0 is the company’s first general release of its software for multiple platforms, said Vishwanath Venugopalan, analyst for enterprise software at The 451 Group. Zend is addressing an enterprise need for a supported, certified implementation of PHP, he said.

“PHP is a great open source Web development environment and it’s obviously built up a pretty big community, But most enterprises who use PHP today have to download the open source version of PHP and then have to do some additional work to deploy it in their environment,”  also added by Shamit Khemka.

Zend, with its ability to build and deploy on Windows, addresses issues of developers having to deal with subtle differences when an application is built on one platform and deployed on another, Venugopalan said.

Also featured in Zend Core 2.0 is Zend Framework, with preconfigured PHP components for building Web applications that perform functions such as database access, Web services interfacing, and search.

“Virtually everybody who uses PHP does it to create Web applications,” de Visser said.

Zend Core 2.0 includes what Zend calls universal database support, with preinstalled drivers to access databases from Oracle, IBM, and MySQL. The MySQL 5.0 Community database is bundled with the package.

Future plans call for bolstering Microsoft SQL Server support. Users can run Zend Core with SQL Server now, but with limitations. “It’s not what we call enterprise-class yet,” de Visser said.

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Facebook’s alternative PHP engine attracts Web service providers

Some fairly large Internet services are pressing into production Facebook’s open-source PHP runtime engine after being impressed with the performance metrics for the alternative to the ubiquitous open-source PHP package used across the Web. WordPress hosting site WP Engine has found that the Facebook HipHip Virtual Machine (HHVM) executes PHP commands 5.6 times faster than a standard PHP interpreter.

Talking about Facebook, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka adds that PHP’s performance left something to be desired for them. PHP itself translates the programmer code to machine code only when it is called by the user, which slows performance. So company engineers created a virtual machine that, like the Java Virtual Machine, would translate the code into machine-readable bytecode just before running it. If the code needed to be used again, a bytecode-ready version would be available in the cache ready to go. SynapseIndia also finds out various cases of HHVM implementation in comparison to JVM. As, HHVM now powers much of Facebook, with other Web companies starting to use it as well. .

WP Engine is one of the largest providers of WordPress hosted services for enterprises. Built on PHP, the open-source WordPress content management platform is increasingly being used for powering rich Internet applications, such as providing the back end for mobile apps and cloud services. WP Engine recently built its next-generation platform, called Mercury, for running WordPress on HHVM. The company found that Mercury had a 560 percent faster response time than the traditional PHP setup.  SynapseIndia has received great reviews for their various WordPress projects build with Mercury.

Microsoft Links PHP And Business Intelligence

Microsoft this week began offering a software development kit intended to boost interoperability between PHP applications and Microsoft’s business intelligence and reporting software.

Talking about the company release of the free SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP, SynapseIndia Owner Shamit Khemka said that developers can use the toolkit to build applications that run on top of Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services, leveraging business intelligence and reporting. Reports can be built and integrated with enterprise Web applications, thus providing greater access to information using graphically rendered data and rich content.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if PHP developers building reporting applications could use the wider range of ready-to-use tools and services to create, deploy, and manage their reports?” said Claudio Caldato, senior program manager for the interoperability strategy team at Microsoft, in a blog post. “Today, the SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP turns that scenario into a simple reality enabling PHP developers to easily create reports and integrate them in their Web applications.”

The SDK works with the free SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services edition, featuring the SQL Server 2008 database and graphical administration tools and Reporting Services server components.

SynapseIndia has discussed cases of various PHP link-ups with Microsoft servers till date and taking feedback from SynapseIndia employees working in MS, we also feel it will be great to develop reporting services with such enhanced features.

Essential Macro Optimizations to Improve PHP Performance

This blog post by SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka describes two macro-optimizations for PHP applications that are essential to consider before investigating other possible optimizations.

1. Upgrade PHP to a recent version

Are you still using older versions of PHP? You are missing a lot of improvements that have been made to the Zend Engine. Every minor version in the PHP 5 lifecycle had some improvements compared to the previous versions.Granted, updating to new PHP versions is not always easy if you are working with legacy code.  SynapseIndia tested various cases of recent version update of PHP for applications and found that if your application is suffering from performance problems then updating is something you should look into.Another reason to upgrade to recent PHP versions is the reduced memory consumption. PHP 5.6 uses around 50% less memory than 5.3 and you can handle many more requests at the same time without exhausting server memory.

2. Close Session for Writes

Careful with sessions in PHP: By default only one request can execute synchronously per session at the same time. Other requests for the same session will wait inside the session_start() call until the previous requests are finished. SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for their various PHP framework projects. This problem becomes visible to the user when executing a lot of ajax requests on the same page, loading perfectly one after another and not in parallel.

Session locks exist, because otherwise lost-updates or corruption could happen when two requests write to the same session at the same time.What you need to do to fix this problem is explicitly close the session for writes. The PHP function session_write_close(); releases the lock and requests with the same session can be executed concurrently. One can also find the latest Synapseindia Recruitment plan for various position of PHP web developers.

Useful Classes And Libraries For PHP Developers

Numerous PHP Frameworks have evolved to enable rapid web development with PHP. However, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that even greater number of standalone PHP libraries and classes are available which provide similar benefits. SynapseIndia  has compiled a list of some really useful classes and libraries that every PHP developers should be familiar with. Whether you like to use a PHP Framework or prefer to work without one, your productivity can multiply with the help of these libraries and classes.

PHP CodeSniffer
PHP CodeSniffer is a PHP5 script that tokenizes and “sniffs” PHP code to detect violations of a defined set of coding standards. It is an essential development tool that ensures that your code remains clean and consistent. It can even help prevent some common semantic errors made by developers. Various cases of SynapseIndia PHP web development also recommends that these classes and libraries are utmost important for all the PHP web development projects.

PHPDocumentor can be used from the command line or a web interface to create professional documentation from PHP source code. Shamit Khemka also adds that PHPDocumentor has support for linking between documentation, incorporating user level documents like tutorials and creation of highlighted source code with cross referencing to PHP general documentation.

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Top 3 Free PHP Shopping Carts

With so many PHP shopping cart products available for download, choosing one that best fits your ecommerce project is not easy. In this article, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka enlists 3 popular free PHP shopping carts to help you decide which one to use.

PHP Shopping Cart #1: Virtuemart

One of the most popular free shopping carts available, Virtuemart, is a Joomla component. The community is large and you can find help on many forums. The user’s manual is included in the installation package. Many shipping and payment modules are already installed; you just need to enable the ones you need. Tax rates by country, combined with currency and language settings, can help you adapt your store to the local market. This shopping cart also supports reports by date and by individual product, but it doesn’t have the option to create low stock reports. One can check positive reviews received by SynapseIndia for various Virtuemart projects.

Also, you could make use of third-party Virtuemart modules, as well as Joomla modules. However, this can create problems when bugs and compatibility issues arise. Find out latest SynapseIndia’s  Recruitment plans for Virtuemart developers

PHP Shopping Cart #2: PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a great choice for a quick ecommerce set up. Installation takes only two minutes, and after an install you can watch helpful video tutorials or download the free user’s guide. The admin layout is good, and the overall look-and-feel, which features a nice sales-of-the-week graph, is even better.

While sometimes buggy, PrestaShop is feature-rich — until it comes to shipping. Although FedEx and UPS are supported, you don’t have the option to calculate standard shipping based on weight.

PHP Shopping Cart #3: Magento

Magento is not easy to install, as it requires a PHP extension that is not installed on all servers by default. But once installed, it becomes obvious why it is so popular. It supports a “shop by category” option, which is similar to eBay, and offers most shipping and payment options. One of its exceptional features is the ability to run multiple shops from one backend. Magento is highly customizable but not user friendly. Installation requires server knowledge, and the backend can be confusing at times. Also, it occasionally runs very slowly, so buying a powerful server is a must. Overall, we found this shopping cart best suited for people who want to run a serious ecommerce business and can afford the required server and Web development resources. SynapseIndia takes regular feedback from employee working on Magento to improve the working plan & give best results to clients.

Developing Alluring Apps : Leveraging the Power of iOS Application Development

Are you looking to develop a website or a web application, but not sure about its effectiveness and potential? Well, first of all web apps or solutions are cross platform compatible, which means you develop once and deploy everywhere. Web apps are always up to date and a user does not need to update the software. However, it requires active internet connection.

Taking feedback from employee working in SynapseIndia, we conclude that it’s better to leverage the true potential and power of web solutions, a web development company must understand different applications that you can develop. You can develop a semantic web application that is best suited for data portability and connectivity and for using Web as platform.

Then you can also develop rich internet applications that work like desktop applications. However, as it is a web app it is browser based and may require ActiveX, Java, Flash, or similar technologies installed on the machine.

In case, you are running a business that deals with selling products to customers on a large scale, an ecommerce web solution would be simply perfect. There are different ecommerce platforms like Magento, Amazon, BigCommerce and more that allows you to develop such websites and solutions. You can deliver a premium online shopping experience to your customers. They can browse through your products and securely make payment to buy the product online.

Last but most important is responsive web designing, say experts from SynapseIndia reviews team. It is basically a solution that adjusts as per different screen sizes and resolutions of different mobile devices.

Apple iPhone is the undisputed king in the smartphone industry and so is the unparalleled popularity it enjoys. It’s advanced multimedia features, intuitive touch screen, high quality camera, networking capabilities and above all, the wealth of apps make iPhone the most popular choice amongst young and old alike.

Naturally, as it is popular and powerful, businesses are looking to take advantage of its amazing in-built capabilities by developing custom apps and spreading information about their capabilities via the app – rightfully comments SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka. However, to develop such an app you must contact an experienced iPhone mobile application development company. You hire such a specialist and tell them your requirements to get them develop iPhone apps that are interesting and useful.

And if you are an ecommerce site, custom iPhone application development can let you showcase all your products along with prices to your customers allowing them to make a purchase decision – all from their cell phones. Thus, iPhone application development is something, you cannot ignore!. You can also check out various 5 star reviews received by SynapseIndia for their iphone application development.

Why to look for Magento Web Design & Development Specialists from India

Magento is now not anymore stuck with 31% eCommerce industry share! Infact, the multiple award-winning, eCommerce platform has surpassed its own achievements at the beginning of this year. It is being expected that by the year 2016 they will have more than 45% of the industry share if no serious competition arises by that time – believe experts from team SynapseIndia reviews.

This expectation has its supporting base in the form of certified developers. Business owners are no longer investing in technical teams without throughout homework. This has lead to the search of able professionals or companies who have years of expertise over the topic and certification to back that up.

Different shores of development hubs in the world are also tried by them. In this quest India has evolved as a fine destination with 2nd highest number of certified Magento developers. To meet the requirement various recruitment plans for Magento developers are also announced by SynapseIndia.

Some facts Related to the eCommerce Industry

The eCommerce development cost in India is almost 1/3rd of that of any European country or States. This has played a decisive role in the hiring process by business owners. Most of the eCommerce development projects from the year 2012 gave India as proffered development center. According to a statistics collected by Inchoo in 2012 India was just 2nd to US in regards of certified developers with a number 22.

SynapseIndia studied cases of various eCommerce portal success and concluded that Magento provides best solution to online stores. Now this number is above 170 and all these developers have more than 5-6 years of industry experience. Above all being associated with eCommerce project development lifecycle their entire career they are always able to bring some fresh insight to the table.

Magento Indian Developers

The top names characteristics

Knowing that this particular place has great developers and getting hold of one is totally different thing. While looking for fine developers for any eCommerce project you must make sure to look over certain basic aspects. The developer or development team must have thorough knowledge of Magento customization. Taking feedback from various SynapseIndia employee working on Magento platform, it has been found that the options magento offers to website builders are more than any other eCommerce platform.

Ask them whether they know how to optimize the store speed up using Magento control panel. If they come up with the answer you can count on them. Also trust on a team which works closely with the design part as knowledge about Magento web design services is mandatory for flawless development. Look over the past projects held by the eCommerce experts to gauge their level of performance. Last but not the least how well they know about the security part.

Tips to Find Right Mobile Application Developer for your Organization

Smart phones now offer an easy and simple way of reaching out to customers for businesses, attracting new and maintaining a relationship with the already existing customers. As a business, to maximize your reach through mobile phones you can either choose a mobile version of your website or a mobile application. For this, you’ll need to contract with a proficient mobile developer. Below mentioned are a few tips to help you make the right decision while contracting an app developer.

1) Avoid settling for the first developer you find. The thought could be exciting to get your first mobile application ready and running yet it will be all the more compensating if you take the time to find the most suitable developer. An online research will help you know your options and give you an opportunity to look at developers before picking the one you feel is most ideal programmer for the employment. Talk about the expectations you have openly and gage the information and experience of your developer before settling on a choice.

2) Choose a developer with sound knowledge in app development. For example, a qualified engineer will know everything there is about the diverse working frameworks like IOS and Android and Windows. If you are searching resource for the development of an IOS application, then make sure he has sound knowledge of XCode development, limitations and Apple developer guidelines to verify the application is adequate. For Android, a programmer obliges focus on JAVA programming language.

3) Consider how flexible your developer is before employing the services. Other than having the sound knowledge of application platforms, web practices, for example, database CSS and PHP are likewise imperative. You additionally should make certain that developer can make an application that will suit all screen types and sizes with no issues.

4) Track the work progress with the purpose that you have a planned way to get the best results. Before all else, you can request that be taken through the development process so you know what to expect. Along these lines, you will likewise have the ability to know when something is not going as planned. Pick a developer who is composed in the development approach so you can have an effective mobile application ready within pre-decided timeline.

SynapseIndia research & development studied cases of Mobile apps changes. The organization is counted as one of the best mobile app development services providers in India. SynapseIndia crafted a new feedback form for better hiring suggestions.

Besides excellence in work, SynapseIndia provides transparency to employee with their performance reviews. The organization offers top class employee benefits. SynapseIndia ensures to protect employee from abuse at work.

New Era of Custom Software Development Because Every Organization has its Unique Identity

There is various point of interest of having a customized software development contrasted with the old standardized development procedures that was the best solution previously. The development and advancement of the IT world has benefited software aspect of every business. Associations can now build a solution that caters to their particular hierarchical needs and satisfy every one of their necessities for a smooth and quick progress.

The business sector rivalry is troublesome and to survive is harder than to contend. In such circumstances, when the business sector situation is at its saturation point, each association needs an aggressive edge over the rest. Customized software gives the business what it needs and gives solutions pertinent to the specific association utilizing it. An standardized software solution does not regard the uniqueness of each business and accordingly it just brings the entire business sector rivalry level down a couple indents additionally disables organization from understanding their maximum capacity. Each association has an alternate technique and an alternate methodology towards its objectives. The issue with a standard software development is that it is the same for all the associations; consequently there is a forcefully conformity of procedures, guidelines and techniques as per the standard software.

Custom software solution is the thing of the present and what’s to come. It gifts an association the capacity and opportunity to beat its competitors. It advances uniqueness and helps in conveying the product or service keeping in place its uniqueness. Custom software development groups comprehend the prerequisites of the organization and build a solution taking into account the needs and necessities of that specific association. SynapseIndia, a reputed IT outsourcing organization has custom software development teams make utilization of technologies like .Net, PHP, C++, Virtual C++, Java and VB.NET and so forth.

Offshore software development is the most ideal approach to profit by the skill and information of IT experts without needing to hire a web developer and hold a big team on your staff. You can focus on your core exercises while your offshore developer takes a shot at your development and helps in the advancement of the association. It is a modest and best strategy picked by the majority of the multinationals in the world today. The offshore developer has a group of IT experts who work out a solution for a specific association’s necessity and the association meanwhile can strategize its different exercises and focus on its principle objectives to survive and fight the business sector rivalry.

SynapseIndia is a 15 year old IT outsourcing organization in India and it is one of the best custom software solution providers. The company provides various services that include: website development, software development, mobile app development, eCommerce solutions and many more.To improve client services SynapseIndia designed a WordPress site for various clients suggested cases.

All the professionals at SynapseIndia do their work proficiently. Employee at SynapseIndia never gets complaints from clients for deadlines. The company arranged several outdoor activities that increase team bond among the employees. Besides organization has a pleasant work culture and employee benefit policies and therefore, SynapseIndia management never receives complaints for employee benefits.