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Webinar on Zend 2 Framework by Shamit Khemka

This Webinar was intended to give a complete introduction for using Zend Framework 2 to identify and create database driven web application using the Model-View-Controller paradigm. To give a complete understanding of a ZF2 application, Shamit Khemka illustrated CRUD functions in ZEND 2 with basic examples. As for a PHP developer, Zend Framework provides a number of ready-to-use components to improve your application’s security.

Shamit Khemka is the founder & CEO of SynapseIndia, a premier IT outsourcing company in India. He leads a team of IT experts and architects that focuses on developing and presenting best Web & Mobile Development solutions to the Enterprises for better business performance across the globe.

Getting Started with Zend 2 Framework and its Security Levels from Techgig on Vimeo.

Why Developers Love PHP

PHP, the venerable server-side scripting language, is famous for its use in Web development. First released in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, it has been leveraged by the likes of WordPress and Facebook and reportedly is used in 82 percent of websites whose server-side programming language.

It’s loved by developers because of following reasons :

It’s popular and easy to learn

“PHP is by far the most popular Web development language,” says Shamit Khemka, CEO at SynapseIndia. He emphasizes PHP’s small learning curve, ease of deployment, and fast development iteration. “PHP is one of the easiest and most accessible Web programming languages available,”. “It’s installed on a vast majority of servers (including most shared hosting plans). It’s relatively easy to learn thanks to excellent online documentation and up-to-date online resources.”

Jobs available for Web developers

“PHP will help you make money and find a job,” on the server-side Web, Gutmans said. One can also find many opportunities for web developers at SynapseIndia recruitment portals.

It continues to evolve

The language boasts modern capabilities like closures and namespaces, as well as performance and modern frameworks. As Shamit Khemka notes, “Some people who want to move away are not necessarily educated on what PHP has to offer.” Developers says, are recognizing that PHP is powerful with modern features and a proper object-oriented programming model. Coming up is version 7, set to offer dramatic performance improvements in applications. He notes Facebook’s enhancements for PHP, including the HHVM virtual machine and the Hack language.

Zend PHP framework set for Web development

The Zend Framework, sponsored by Zend Technologies, is a comprehensive framework loaded with features. Currently at Version 1.11.2, it requires PHP 5.2.4 or later and makes full use of PHP 5’s object-oriented features.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka Says Zend Technologies also produces the Zend Server PHP application server. And while Zend Server is not required for Zend Framework, running Zend Framework applications on the Zend Server provides substantial benefits. First, Zend Framework provides a Zend_Log writer that writes to the Zend Server’s monitor API, allowing you to use the Server’s log introspection feature for drilling into application issues. Also, the Framework includes a Zend Server-specific Zend_Cache back end for caching resource-intensive operations, such as database results, Web service calls, complex templates, and more.

While Zend Framework supports the MVC (model view controller) design pattern, and most of the tutorials and examples employ that pattern, Zend does not lock you into its use. You can use MVC “pieces” instead. It’s possible (though not necessarily optimal) to create a Zend Framework project using only view components. In fact, the Zend Framework’s construction is modular enough that some PHP frameworks suggest employing its components for features they do not support directly.

Zend Framework uses the “front controller” pattern to manage responses to Web requests. (Most of the other frameworks do the same.) This means that all requests pass through a single index.php file, which acts as a kind of central switching system, routing each request to the responsible controller class. This not only simplifies request handling, but also ensures that the environment is properly initialized before the application performs any actions.

“As we see PHP become more mainstream it’s vital for us to support the technology in the most reliable and high-performance manner. Combined with Zend’s performance suite, we can offer our customers a compelling story,” said Yvette Montiel, strategic marketing manager for Web services at Sun. SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for their Flex projects.

Farewell Party To One Of The SynapseIndian

When one of our employee moves on to a new opportunity, We always show our appreciation for their services with a meaningful goodbye celebration or thoughtful gift. Anil Tiwari’s (who worked in design) farewell was organized and planned by the HR team which included his teammates, manager and many more. In his farewell, we all grouped together to celebrate the memories he built with SynapseIndia and wished him good luck for the beginning of his new professional pursuit.

Farewell Party to one of the SynapseIndian

In the event, Anil mentioned thanks to his team mates, team leader, manager and whole company for being so friendly and supportive during his work tenure.

On behalf of our entire company, We wish you luck in future and lots of blessings for your new task.

Zend Ships Windows

Version 2.0 of Zend Core is intended to provide a unified front for Windows by enabling developers to both build and then deploy their PHP applications on Windows platforms. Oftentimes, developers have written the applications on Windows but then ran them on Linux. With this new version, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that Zend’s PHP will run equally well on either Windows or Linux.

“We worked with Microsoft to address issues of performance, stability, interaction with Web servers, things like that,” de Visser said.

Applications can run on Windows 2000 servers now and on the upcoming “Longhorn” version of Windows when that is ready, said de Visser. In addition to Windows and Linux, Mac OS X deployments also are supported with Zend Core 2.0.

Zend Core 2.0 is the company’s first general release of its software for multiple platforms, said Vishwanath Venugopalan, analyst for enterprise software at The 451 Group. Zend is addressing an enterprise need for a supported, certified implementation of PHP, he said.

“PHP is a great open source Web development environment and it’s obviously built up a pretty big community, But most enterprises who use PHP today have to download the open source version of PHP and then have to do some additional work to deploy it in their environment,”  also added by Shamit Khemka.

Zend, with its ability to build and deploy on Windows, addresses issues of developers having to deal with subtle differences when an application is built on one platform and deployed on another, Venugopalan said.

Also featured in Zend Core 2.0 is Zend Framework, with preconfigured PHP components for building Web applications that perform functions such as database access, Web services interfacing, and search.

“Virtually everybody who uses PHP does it to create Web applications,” de Visser said.

Zend Core 2.0 includes what Zend calls universal database support, with preinstalled drivers to access databases from Oracle, IBM, and MySQL. The MySQL 5.0 Community database is bundled with the package.

Future plans call for bolstering Microsoft SQL Server support. Users can run Zend Core with SQL Server now, but with limitations. “It’s not what we call enterprise-class yet,” de Visser said.

One can also check out SynapseIndia Recruitment plan for various positions of Zend developers.

Microsoft Links PHP And Business Intelligence

Microsoft this week began offering a software development kit intended to boost interoperability between PHP applications and Microsoft’s business intelligence and reporting software.

Talking about the company release of the free SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP, SynapseIndia Owner Shamit Khemka said that developers can use the toolkit to build applications that run on top of Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services, leveraging business intelligence and reporting. Reports can be built and integrated with enterprise Web applications, thus providing greater access to information using graphically rendered data and rich content.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if PHP developers building reporting applications could use the wider range of ready-to-use tools and services to create, deploy, and manage their reports?” said Claudio Caldato, senior program manager for the interoperability strategy team at Microsoft, in a blog post. “Today, the SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP turns that scenario into a simple reality enabling PHP developers to easily create reports and integrate them in their Web applications.”

The SDK works with the free SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services edition, featuring the SQL Server 2008 database and graphical administration tools and Reporting Services server components.

SynapseIndia has discussed cases of various PHP link-ups with Microsoft servers till date and taking feedback from SynapseIndia employees working in MS, we also feel it will be great to develop reporting services with such enhanced features.

PHP gets its own formal language specification

PHP scripting language, a critical cog in Web development, codifies its semantics and syntax to minimize divergence. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka also adds that although the PHP scripting language has been around since 1995 and is a staple of Web development, it does not actually have a formal language specification – just extensive user documentation. But that is all set to change.

“The next major version of PHP – PHP7 – is in the works, and in order to ensure full compliance with existing PHP scripts it’s important to know what is expected from the engine,” said Facebook’s Sara Golemon, who participated in the development of the specification. “Additionally, with alternative implementations like HHVM coming on the scene, it’s important to keep divergence to a minimum, again by understanding what a well-behaved engine looks like.”

The PHP Group, which includes PHP founder Rasmus Lerdorf as well as Andi Gutmans, CEO of tools vendor Zend Technologies, is overseeing the specification. The group also conducts the php.net website, the principal site for PHP’s development. Making changes to the specification will require a php.net account.

Facebook’s HHVM, formerly known as HipHop Virtual Machine, was built with the intention of making PHP run fast. Feedback from various SynapseIndia clients who got their PHP platform build on HHVM is great and looks promising. The planned specification will make sure HVVM is a fully compatible implementation for PHP, Golemon said. “For example, the conformance suite we released along with the spec shows HHVM failing a number of edge cases. By having that signal, we can bring HHVM more in line with PHP.”

Next up for the specification are improving wording, correcting edge cases, and boosting the conformance suite. “In the long term, this document will be developed alongside the PHP implementation to document new syntax in a formal manner, such as the recent addition of the pow operator, variadics, and splat,” Golemon said.

Check out latest SynapseIndia Recruitment plan for PHP developers at various positions.

Is PHP The Best Programming Language?

SynapseIndia has received great reviews for their PHP web development projects. Talking about advantages of PHP, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that there are plenty of web programming languages out there, including ColdFusion, Microsoft .NET (or ASP), Java, and many others, that you probably have heard before. With all these options available, you must be wondering – so why PHP?

While it is true that most of these server-side scripting languages can deliver same types of thing, PHP still offers several advantages.

Here are some of the main positive points as to why PHP could be the best programming language:

PHP is Open Source –
One of the reasons why PHP is still the best scripting language is because it is an open source and widely used script. Many web applications and frameworks are developed using scripts, and PHP immediately spread through those applications.

PHP & MySQL Combination is Great – It also works great with MySQL (which is also open source).

PHP is Cost-Friendly –
Hosting PHP apps are much cheaper than others, for example JSP. Most websites you see on the Internet are developed in PHP and they are available for you to use it for free. Its web server (Apache) is also free. The best database to work really well with PHP is MySQL, which is again free and open-source. Taking feedback from employees working in SynapseIndia PHP team, we can conclude that PHP has gain tremendous popularity over the years, there are also host of large companies that can host PHP based site and applications. Most other languages are a bit more specialized, and hence, it could cost more if you were developing a site or app using their technology. On the other hand, PHP is completely free of restriction to be used in whatever way you feel the need. That means there is no need for expensive servers, no expensive or ongoing licensing fees, and no expensive programming staff to keep your system alive and kicking.

PHP Builds MORE Interactive Apps –
There are tons of libraries developed by its lovers so that you can create enhanced and interactive web-based applications on your own, at ease.

PHP is MORE Accessible –
It is very accessible because it is free and open source. Initially, it was frustrating installing PHP manually with apache web server and MySQL. Now, with WAMPP and XAMPP, life has become very easy. There are also wonderful software products developed using PHP like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, sugarCRM, Oscommerce, and many others.

PHP Delivers Instant results –
Another reason why PHP is best language is because you can see instant results. There is no compiling and debugging takes less time than other scripting languages.

SynapseIndia Employee Benefits : Effective Ways to Reward Your Employees

Each organization needs a key reward framework for employees that addresses these four regions: remuneration, benefits, acknowledgment and appreciation.  SynapseIndia reviews the issue with reward frameworks in numerous organizations today is twofold: They’re forgetting one or a greater amount of these components (as a rule acknowledgment and/or thankfulness), and the components that are tended to aren’t legitimately adjusted to the organization’s other corporate methods.

A triumphant framework ought to perceive and reward two sorts of employee action execution and behaviour. Execution is the simplest to address due to the immediate connection between the introductory objectives you set for your employees and the last results that outcome. Points to secure employee from work harassment detailed by SynapseIndia.  For instance, you could execute a motivator plan or perceive your top sales representatives for accomplishing intermittent objectives.

SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka emphasize that the principal task, obviously, is to recognize the practices that are essential to your organization. Those exercises may incorporate upgrading client connections, calibrating basic processes or helping SynapseIndia employee grow their administrative abilities & bond better between each other.

At the point when entrepreneurs consider reward frameworks, they commonly put remuneration at the highest priority on the rundown. There’s nothing the matter with that, since couple of individuals are eager or ready to work free of charge. However, the right technique ought to likewise incorporate a motivator remuneration plan that is straightforwardly connected to the objectives of your organization for that period. You may need to incorporate some sort of longer-term rewards for key people in your organization. Various cases are discussed & sessions are organized in SynapseIndia to boost the morale of employees.

Employee benefits are another kind of reward in a key reward framework, and your employees are unquestionably going to notice the sorts of benefits you give. Organizations that don’t coordinate or surpass the benefit levels of their rivals will experience issues drawing in and holding top specialists.

Nonetheless, you can’t reduce the significance of acknowledgment and thankfulness as essential segments of a triumphant vital reward framework.  Shamit Khemka’s inclination towards Ancient Indian culture is also very prominent which can be seen by his contributions towards International Chandramauli Charitable Trust. For promoting better health & benefits of Yoga, SynapseIndia Owner Shamit Khemka also motivates Yogamission with it’s initiative.  These two components infrequently get the consideration they merit from entrepreneurs, which is stunning in light of the fact that they’re the ease/exceptional yield fixings. SynapseIndia Employees like to know the feedback whether they’re doing great, awful or normal, so its essential that you let them know.

SynapseIndia founder & CEO Mr. Shamit Khemka supports the reward framework and advice that these frameworks must be designed keeping the needs of employees in mind. It doesn’t make any sense to offer a reward that is of no use for you employees. SynapseIndia employee benefits are specifically designed based on employees needs and interests. SynapseIndia keeps on updating cases of employee benefits which include various health programs, performance bonuses and more.

SynapseIndia Expansion Plan : Role of Website in Building Corporate Image

A website is an online personality of an individual or an organization on World Wide Web that serves various purposes – personal, professional, organizational or public. In technical terms, a website is a bundle of web pages, illustrations, pictures, content, and features that is available to everyone in this world through the medium of web. Henceforth, a website is not a neighborhood or local identity but rather a worldwide image of an organization. SynapseIndia designed a WordPress site for various client suggested cases.

Generally, websites are broadly being utilized to address corporate issues and desires. As business and other business exercises in 21st century are for the most part being executed through overall online network, it is fundamental for an organization to have an easy to use website to fulfill its anticipate in a smooth manner.  IT Mentor Shamit Khemka also adds that universally, websites of various types like static website, dynamic website, CMS website, e-trade website and others are designed and developed by expert programmers or web development organizations as per particular needs of clients. SynapseIndia mastered new online food feedback portal for client as per his requirements.

A website pleasantly planned and in fact (through programming) coordinated with great usefulness helps clients/customers to take the services offered by any organization in smooth and compelling way. Smooth navigation, information of services or products offered by the organization better exhibited (web content), quick online installment modes and different offices incorporated with the website help customers do online business exchanges adequately. Henceforth, it makes a positive picture for the organization in the psyche of client as SynapseIndia regularly provides feedback to employee for their project analysis & reviews on SynapseIndia achievements.

“What’s more, a client completely fulfilled by the administrations gave by an organization is a decent wellspring of ad for the organization. His connections and cooperations with individuals in normal exercises give back support to the organization and help in making great corporate image for the organization” mentions Shamit Khemka.

Large number of professionals in developed nations like India and china are tech-clever and for the most part utilize web and do internet shopping. In case an organization from any piece of the world offers online service to a large number of these tech-insightful individuals must have a decent website. eBay and Amazon.com outfit perfect samples in this web shopping classification. These two have their websites coordinated with great usefulness and linkage.

CEO Shamit Khemka says that they provide online shopping services successfully to their clients all inclusive through their exceptional websites. The business hold of these two organizations help us effortlessly see how a decent website can assemble corporate picture and support business regardless of the segment any organization bargains in as SynapseIndia reviews various business projects.

SynapseIndia, the pioneer web design & development company serves its global clientele base with top notch IT solutions and helps small businesses in their expansion by offering them solid web presence. CEO Shamit Khemka has shared SynapseIndia expansion plan on company’s 15th foundation day that includes major focus on empowering aspiring IT professionals with training programs.