PHP Web Programming and Business Benefits Of PHP Development

Today,almost two decades after countless colossal modifications to codebase,more than 35% of web traffic is handled by PHP.Facts on wikipedia say 75% of websites use PHP,which includes some big i.t companies such as Facebook,Wikipedia,Yahoo,Photobucket and many others.Amazingly,list doesnot end here;worlds best blogging platform “wordpress” and other popular cms like Drupal and joomla are built in php.

Success of php web programming totally bets on advantages which it offers to its users.Not only PHP developers find it convenient,but even end-users claim it to be friendly.

Either small or giant,whatever are your business needs a php based business website can be easily developed in not time and in limited budget.Business and organizational websites,informative forums,e-commerce websites,community websites,and gigantic database driven sites can be easily built on php.

Plethora of extensions and libraries are availabale across the web by using which you can extend core functionalities of your websites.Even custon created extensions can be included in your source code.

It offers top level security that helps prevent malicious attacks.