Microsoft Links PHP And Business Intelligence

Microsoft this week began offering a software development kit intended to boost interoperability between PHP applications and Microsoft’s business intelligence and reporting software.

Talking about the company release of the free SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP, SynapseIndia Owner Shamit Khemka said that developers can use the toolkit to build applications that run on top of Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services, leveraging business intelligence and reporting. Reports can be built and integrated with enterprise Web applications, thus providing greater access to information using graphically rendered data and rich content.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if PHP developers building reporting applications could use the wider range of ready-to-use tools and services to create, deploy, and manage their reports?” said Claudio Caldato, senior program manager for the interoperability strategy team at Microsoft, in a blog post. “Today, the SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP turns that scenario into a simple reality enabling PHP developers to easily create reports and integrate them in their Web applications.”

The SDK works with the free SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services edition, featuring the SQL Server 2008 database and graphical administration tools and Reporting Services server components.

SynapseIndia has discussed cases of various PHP link-ups with Microsoft servers till date and taking feedback from SynapseIndia employees working in MS, we also feel it will be great to develop reporting services with such enhanced features.

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