Dynamic Languages 2015

IT’s rise to prominence as a core competence that delivers competitive advantage has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the number of software development projects it must complete. Shamit Khemka being well aware of the hidden costs of unfulfilled tasks, enterprise IT managers are fast shedding their prejudices against dynamic languages in search of a quick way to cut down the backlog.

Yet banging out “quick and dirty” code just to finish a project remains an ill-advised way to incorporate dynamic languages into the enterprise development mix. Not only does such an approach give rise to maintenance headaches ,not to mention the increasing importance of delivering secure apps — mean that enterprises can no longer afford to accept the risks that quick-fix coding creates. By taking a measured approach to matching dynamic languages to the right kinds of projects, IT can tap the unique expressiveness of dynamic languages to create clean, reliable, and reusable code — and thereby realize productivity benefits without compromising the integrity of the enterprise.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka Says: PHP is one of the top dynamic scripting language gaining acceptance in the enterprise. Generally embedded in Web pages to display dynamic content, PHP enables very extensive applications to run on a Web server. Many of today’s Web apps are in fact written in PHP because it is lightweight (compared to Java) and can be learned and deployed easily. Its comparatively intuitive syntax, however, has led to the view that PHP programs are of the quick-and-dirty variety, with equal emphasis on both traits. However, PHP is moving up the enterprise fast. Zend, the principal vendor of PHP technologies, recently announced large deals with various government entities in the United States and abroad.

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